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Highest Quality Single Lashes available in thicknesses 0.05mm, 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.15mm and 0.20mm. We bring you the Best Eyelash Extension Products – Shop Online now!

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  • BL Lashes Blink Laser Mink Lash Eyelash Extensions

    BL Lashes Blink ‘Laser Mink Lash’ Eyelash Extensions

    Single Lashes $16.00$18.00

    BL Lashes ‘Laser Mink Lash’ eyelash extensions by BLINK are world renowned to be widely recognised as the highest-quality synthetic Mink eyelash extensions available anywhere on earth.

    Why Laser Mink Lashes?

    The microscopic laser-processed indentations in BL Laser Mink Lashes facilitate the formation of an instant bond between the extension and natural lash, while preventing the extension from slipping or sliding off the natural lash. Feel the instant grip! Additionally, the concave surface of BL Laser Mink Lashes provides for a larger close-bonding area of the lash resulting in 25% longer retention than normal extensions. BL Laser Mink Lashes deliver a much faster and easier application process for lash artists. Lash faster and serve more clients in less time = grow your business!

    Perfect Bonds with Any Glue

    The laser indentations on the bases of BL Laser Mink Lashes hold the adhesive out smoothly and perfectly, preventing a glue droplet from forming and bulging on the bases of the lash extensions. BL Laser Mink lashes work perfectly with any adhesive regardless of its viscosity.

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  • Real RUSSIAN Volume Premium Mink Eyelash Extensions - Easy Fanning Lashes

    Real RUSSIAN Volume Premium Mink Eyelash Extensions (Gold Tray)

    Single Lashes $21.00

    Our Real RUSSIAN Volume Premium Mink eyelash extensions are designed in Russia by leading Russian Lash Masters, created especially for professional eyelash extensions technicians. To give your clients that gorgeous voluminous lashes appearance while allowing you to work fanning the lashes in double-quick time!

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  • LASH Vegas Luxury Mink Eyelash Extensions (Gold Tray)

    Single Lashes $16.00

    LASH Vegas Luxury Mink Eyelash Extensions in the gold trays are our top-quality synthetic Luxury Mink single lashes for eyelash extensions!
    Manufactured in Asia at one of the World’s leading manufacturers of eyelash extensions who have been hailed with international recognition, certificates and awards for unmatched excellence and quality of product.
    Top Seller!

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