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  • BL Lash Essence Growth Serum

    BL Lash Essence

    Lashes Aftercare $20.95

    Lash Essence contains bamboo and green tea extracts which moisturises natural lashes, helping them to grow thicker. Useful for brittle eyelashes.

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  • BL Lashes Blink ‘Black Diamond’ Coating Sealant BLACK [7 mL]

    Lashes Aftercare $19.95

    BL ‘Black Diamond’ Coating Sealant offers a thicker, more vivid look and is perfect for completing your eyelash extension application. This product not only increases bonding strength, extending the life of the lashes but it also leaves a lovely glossy finish.

    This worldwide best-selling retail product is an eyelash extension coating sealant that helps prolong the life of new extension lashes by creating a seal around them.

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  • BL Lashes Blink Crystal Drop Coating Sealant CLEAR for Eyelash Extensions

    BL Lashes Blink ‘Crystal Drop’ Coating Sealant CLEAR [7 mL]

    Lashes Aftercare $19.95

    BL ‘Crystal Drop’ Coating Sealant is one of the best after care eyelashs extensions products on the market. This great coating sealant protects the adhesive from any kind of degradation and also holds the lashes into position.

    BL Eyelash Extension Sealant has recently been upgraded with D-biotin to create a vitamin supplement for natural lashes that has a conditioning effect.

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  • BL Lashes Blink Noir Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

    BL Lashes Blink Noir Mascara for Eyelash Extensions [8 mL]

    Lashes Aftercare $19.95

    A fantastic mascara created especially for eyelash extensions. Produced by the world’s leading manufacturer of eyelash extensions of the highest quality. This product contains Thuja orientalis — a clinically proven growth-promoting substance — amongst its ingredients. It works to repair lash damage between extensions. It also creates beautifully defined lashes during client ‘extension breaks’. The perfect retail item.

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  • Chrissanthie Eyelid & Lash Cleanser with Tea Tree [30 mL]

    Lashes Aftercare $12.00

    A revolutionary eyelid shampoo – an all-in-one cleanser perfect for use with eyelash extensions, Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser is a convenient, effective way to gently clean and condition the delicate eyelid area and lashes.

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  • Chrissanthie Eye Cleanse™ Foam Eyelid Cleanser with Tea Tree [80 mL]

    Lashes Aftercare $14.00

    Chrissanthie eye cleanse™ Foam Eyelid Cleanser for eyelash extension wearers. Chrissanthie eye cleanse™ Foam Eyelid Cleanser ensures proper cleaning of the eye lids and lashes which is essential for lash extensions. Eyelash technicians warn against using oil based, creamy cleansers as these may affect the adhesives. However eye cleanse™ will not interfere with the eyelash extensions adhesives while taking care to keep your eye lids and lashes area perfectly sterile and free from irritants.

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  • Cleansing Facial Sponges for Lashes

    Lashes Aftercare $1.50

    Ultra-soft, ultra-hygienic cleansing facial sponges for the proper care and cleaning of eyelash extensions. To be used with a recommended facial cleansing wash or eye makeup remover. For the non-hook, ultra-gentle, easy cleansing of eyelash extensions. The safest, best and most effective way to clean eyelash extensions!

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